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Run, Mud Runner, Run

Training for a Mud Run? Whether it's your first dash in the dirt or you're a seasoned vet, preparation is a must. ATLX Expert Brett Stewart wrote the book - literally - on training for Obstacle Races. The first step? RUN! Read More »

Are You an Alpha Warrior?

ATLX Expert Brett Stewart gets called in to test Obstacle Courses and Mud Runs in his spare time. Why? Because he knows what makes up an awesome challenge. Alpha Warrior, one of the most technically challenging courses out there, asked him to give it a go. Here's Brett's Breakdown. Read More »

Man’s Victorious Marathon in the Face of Terminal Cancer

Iram Leon, terminally ill at 32 years old, just won the Gusher Marathon in Texas. Well, technically he came in second. In a stroller, his six-year-old daughter beat him to the finish line. Read More »

The Bigger, Smaller, Bigger Experiment

He gained 20 pounds over the course of 28 days, lost those 20 pounds in five days, then gained 17 pounds back in just 24 hours. There's some reason deep down beneath the insanity, Nate tells us. And if you want more, you can always check out his e-book (it's free). Read More »

Method Man

Steve Moyer, trainer and nutritionist to well-known celebrities and everyday athletes, walks us through his successful fitness regimen. Read More »

Rockin’ Their Bodies: How These Guy Stars Toned Up and Down for the Big Screen

Whether they're bulking up to be part of The A-Team or practically starving themselves for a psychological thriller, these Hollywood men know how to mold their bodies to fit any role. Read More »

ATLX 1 on 1: Anthony Robles

The incredible story of Anthony Robles is one of perseverance, inspiration and pure athleticism. The 2011 NCAA National Wrestling Champion sat down with ATLX to tell his story. Read More »

Balancing Your Child’s Diet: Incentivizing Junk Food

Many parents have difficulties with balancing their child's diet while allowing their child to have the occasional treat. By using treats to encourage other healthy eating habits, parents don't have to deprive their children and will ensure they are getting all of the nutrients they need. Read More »

How to Sneak Fruits and Veggies Into Your Child’s Diet

Many parents struggle trying to get their kids to eat fruits and vegetables. It doesn't have to be a constant battle. Our recipes offer great alternatives and ways to sneak in fruits and vegetables to ensure your kids are getting all the proper nutrients. Read More »

Trending: How 3 Top Female Stars Get Fit

Check out how these three stars rocked their bodies into shape for Hollywood's red carpet, a beachy photo shoot and one of televisions hottest dramas. Read More »

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