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5 Must-Have Products for Summer

It's the first day of summer. If you haven’t prepped your beach bod just yet, or if you’re training for a summertime race or event, check out our list of seasonal necessities just in time for the sunny months ahead. Read More »

Resistance Bands for Sports-Specific Training

True Form is the first resistance-band training system that allows an athlete to perform sports-specific movements by not restricting a natural range of motion. Read More »

Objectifying Women in Sports

Some marketing firms continue the practice of promoting the sex appeal of a female athlete over her accomplishments on the field of play. While showcasing the beauty of a woman is fine to do, some ads take it too far. Read More »

On the Cutting Edge: Sparta Science

ATLX contributor Dr. Phil Wagner, M.D., not only authors outstanding injury prevention and training blogs, but he's also the owner of SPARTA, a top of the line training facility for athletes. SPARTA is pioneering the field of training technology with seamless access for its athletes. Read More »

Valslide: For a Red Carpet-Ready Body

Developed by a pretty, blonde celebrity trainer, it comes in pink (and black and ninja green) and has a cute catchy name. There is no way it could give you a good workout, right? Wrong. Read More »

Impact of Bestselling Book Born to Run

Chris McDougall’s bestselling book, Born to Run, has not only changed the way we view running form a historical and cultural perspective; it has sparked a transformative shift in the running landscape and marketplace. Here are our top five reasons to give this book a read. Read More »

Top 5 Fitness Trends of the Last 5 Years

People are always looking for the next big miracle diet or workout that will change their lives. Check out our top five fitness trends of the last five years. Read More »

Is Barefoot Running Right for You?

Runners are plagued with injuries, and more often than not, the so-called solution to these injuries is a better pair of shoes. But people like Barefoot Ted, founder of Luna Sandals, believe our shoes are the problem, and that minimalist footwear is the cure for runners’ woes. Read More »

Building a Better Body: The Medicine Ball

Obtain greater athletic performance and take your body to the next level with one of the most underrated tools of the trade. This small piece of equipment has really big benefits. Read More »

HockeyOT: A Virtual Training Destination

When it comes to training, elite athletes have the edge - the pros who guide them through their strength and conditioning workouts. ATLX Expert Dr. Chad Moreau is sharing the wealth with Read More »

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