Spartan Death Race: Enter at Your Own Risk

It's sent Navy SEALs home with their tails between their legs. It's mentally and physically destroyed the best of the best. Read on to get inside the minds of two crazy founders of this insane race. Read More »

Personal Trainer Now Just a Click Away

Personal training sessions can be expensive and inconvenient … unless you’re doing it the Internet. How online training is changing the way we work out. Read More »

Common Sports Injuries: Epicondylitis

In this week's Common Sports Injuries, Dr. Yoon discusses Epicondylitis, or more commonly known as tennis elbow Read More »

Water Polo Athletes Take Training Past the Extreme

It's a heated debate. What sport boasts the world's toughest athletes? We've found a solid contender for the title. Read More »

Common Sports Injuries: Meniscal Tears

In this week's common sports injuries, ATLX spoke with Dr. Gambardella of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic to learn more about meniscal tears. Read More »

Prefontaine Legend Continues to Live On

Steve Prefontaine is arguably the most famous distance runner the world has ever known. ATLX breaks down five things that made Pre such a unique and charismatic athlete on and off the track. Read More »

CrossFit: The Movement

Once deemed just another fitness fad, CrossFit is proving to doubters across the country that it's here to stay. Check out what makes CrossFit such a popular alternative to traditional workouts. Read More »

ATLX OUTsiders: My First Tri

In this week's OUTsiders, ATLX followed one of their own through her experience of completing her first triathlon, The Malibu International Distance Triathlon. Read More »

Origins: History of Triathlons

It's hard to believe that Triathlons are only around 40 years old in the United States. Read more to find out the history of triathlons and one of the craziest Ironman attempts to date. Read More »

Everyday Athlete Spotlight: How one weekend warrior stays motivated

Alex Hollanshead epitomizes the weekend warrior. After running his first marathon because of a bet, he has since completed 11 more, has taken up cycling and is training for his first Ironman. A product engineer in Houston, TX, see what motivates him to be an everyday athlete. Read More »

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