Personal Trainer Now Just a Click Away

By: Sarah McWilliams

shutterstock_78676591We read the newspaper online, our children can now get their education online, and even some colleges are based solely online. With everything that can be done on the Internet, it was only a matter of time before personal training became an option. Now, whether a person wants to lose weight, train for a marathon or get ready for a triathlon, they can do it, affordably, through online training.

Using the Internet to help achieve your fitness goals is not a new trend. Many people supplement their training through apps such as Map My Run or My Fitness Pal; however, online training is evolving. It’s no longer a quick app where you track your food and a generic analysis is provided. People are now getting their own personal trainers with comprehensive programs online.

FitOrbit is one online solution to the pricey cost of gym memberships and personal trainers. The company prides themselves on being affordable and effective at helping a person achieve their fitness goals. The trainers are completely certified, just as they would be from your personal gym, but at a fraction of the cost. The trainers are closely monitored by the company as well.

Online fitness training may just be the future of training. According to Nick Desai, a representative from FitOrbit, “…Online makes it affordable and convenient for everyone to have a personal trainer.  With FitOrbit, your trainer is just a click away.  And, FitOrbit is better for trainers, too, because they make good money from anywhere. “

shutterstock_172915613Desai brings up an interesting point. Not only is online training more affordable, it’s also more accessible to both the trainers and participants. Even for those lucky people for whom cost is not a consideration, accessibility still might be. The trainer is available anywhere a person has Internet access.

Online training does have some drawbacks. One could argue that there is less accountability with online training. If you’re not meeting someone face to face, then you may be less likely to keep it going.

But FitOrbit would argue that while there may not be face-to-face interaction, there is still accountability.

“The accountability comes from the trainer.  Yes, we have a robust and easy-to-use interface on web and mobile.  Our logging tools make it easy for you to tell your trainer what you actually did, and what you actually ate,” said Nick. “But, behind that is the irreplaceable human touch of a real trainer.  A trainer who notices when you don’t log, or when you don’t check in, or when you keep missing workouts.“

There are other benefits to using an online training program as well. Just as a fitness trainer knows how to motivate you in person, these trainers know how to motivate you through the online portal. Some people even feel more comfortable being honest with what they ate or if they missed a workout, because they are talking to a screen instead of having to look someone in the eye.

Many different people are enjoying the benefits of online training. It’s not just for people who are trying to lose weight. Sites like FitOrbit offer training plans considering many different goals.

“While 75% of our customers sign up to lose weight, we have many customers who sign up to train for athletic events and competitions.  We have had numerous marathoners, triathletes and more,” said Desai. “FitOrbit works for everyone, because it’s unique and custom for everyone. Whether you’re a marathoner or (overweight), you can benefit from the expert guidance and the motivation that only a real personal trainer can provide.”

Online training isn’t for everyone. For someone running a marathon, they may be better to have a specific trainer out there with them on runs. Others may be more successful at a boot camp where they are being watched every second of their workout. But, online training does offer an affordable, highly accessible alternative to a traditional trainer.

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