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Tips & Tools for the Everyday Athlete’s Winning Mentality

Sports Psychologist, Dr. Jim Taylor, details the most common mental obstacles athletes face and the best ways to knock ‘em down. Read More »

Intermittent Fasting is the Holy Grail of Diets

The 16-8 diet is burning body fat without causing a loss of muscle or strength. Read More »

Origins: History of Rugby

For this week's Origins, ATLX takes a look at the history of the tough and sometimes brutal sport of Rugby. Read More »

How to Stay Hydrated in the Heat

It can be tough staying hydrated in the hot summer months. Check out the top five ways to beat the heat. Read More »

ATLX Picks: Top 6 Sports Reads for Summer

If you need a good book, look no further! We have your top 6 sports books for summer. Read More »

Warming Up for Enhanced Performance and Injury Prevention

Although some people consider it the worst part of training, warming up is a must! ATLX consulted expert Robb Rogers to find out why. Read More »

Origins: Water Polo’s Storied Past

The true origin of water polo is somewhat of a mystery, but the history of the sport surely qualifies its claim to toughness. Read More »

Top Strength & Conditioning Coaches in the Country: The CSCCa

July 1, 2013 -- The Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association is made up of the best coaches in the country. In just 13 years, the CSCCa has become a leader in the industry.
Read More »

Bolivian BMX All-Star: Jaime Quintanilla

Bolivia native, Jaime Quintanilla has conquered the Latin America BMX scene. Now the 16-year-old has ambitions on conquering the 2016 Summer Games. Read on to find out his training, roadblocks and goals! Read More »

Origins: The History of the Biathlon

We thought we'd cool you down during the hot summer months with this week's Origins. Take a look at the history of Biathlons: A sport consisting of the unlikely pair of cross country skiing and precision target shooting. Read More »

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