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Clearing the Hurdles: From Life to the Track

UCLA track star Turquoise Thompson has gone to battle with adversity, stared it right in the eye, and emerged victorious. Despite a lifelong genetic struggle, her Olympic dreams may soon become a reality. Read More »

Adam and Austin Mills Strengthen Father/Son Bond Through Athletics

While some fathers have been known to drain all the fun out of sports for their kids, this father has used the sport to bring him and his son closer. See how Adam Mills does it right. Read More »

Rebuilding a Family Dynasty: Matt Bowen Sr.

Matt Bowen Sr. did not have much of a father figure growing up, but he made sure that his four children did. This Father's Day ATLX highlighted the family's solid foundation in sports. Read More »

Strength Training: It’s Do or Die!

7 out of every 10 Americans must not understand the importance of strength and resistance training - that, or they're allergic to it. Our experts say it's time to get up, get after it, and get lifting. NOW! No excuses!
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Keeping the Drive Alive: Tips and Tricks from an Everyday Athlete

ATLX pulsed one of the most dedicated and impassioned everyday athletes out there to uncover her secrets to staying motivated. Katie Huntley serves up her top five tips and tricks - and an awesome bonus booster. Read More »

Everyday Athlete Spotlight: A great excuse to tour the world

Picking up running after her collegiate tennis career ended has not only kept Angela Beeler healthy, she gets to go on 26.2 mile tours of some of the most iconic and scenic sights in the world. Read More »

ATLX One-on-One: Ted Kennedy of CEO Challenges

Ted Kennedy is the president of CEO Challenges, a Boulder-based division of Life Time Fitness that puts successful executives of large companies head-to-head in athletic competition. Kennedy sat down with ATLX to talk about the past, present and future of CEO Challenges – and how to train like the fittest execs in the world.
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Warrior Games Athlete Hopes to Inspire Disabled to Live Active Lifestyle

The Warrior Games, set to commence on May 11, 2013, is a paralympic style competition among the different U.S. Military branches and for the first time this year, the British Military as well. ATLX spoke with competitor Lt. Colonel Danny Dudek about his experience with last year's games, and his training and goals for this year's competition. Read More »

Get Fit and Make a Difference at the Tour of Long Beach

The Tour of Long Beach is an annual event benefiting pediatric cancer. Families are encouraged to come out and ride with their families in the free five mile bike tour. Read More »

From Couch Potato to Marathon in Six Months

ATLX Expert Dr. Rob Ziltzer says going from coach potato to marathoner in 6 months is not only doable, but maybe easier than it seems. He's done it. 9 times, actually. Find his tips and motivational tools, right here for the taking. Read More »

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