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Common Sports Injuries: Stress Fractures

In this week's Common Sports Injuries, Dr. Luga Podesta helps us understand stress fractures and how we can prevent and treat them. Read More »

Saints to Sinners Bike to Beat ALS

Tomorrow morning bikers will take off from the heavenly hills of Utah en route to Sin City, in the fourth annual Saints to Sinners Bike Race to raise awareness and money for the fight against ALS. Read More »

Prefontaine Legend Continues to Live On

Steve Prefontaine is arguably the most famous distance runner the world has ever known. ATLX breaks down five things that made Pre such a unique and charismatic athlete on and off the track. Read More »

Alpha Warrior Winners Challenge: Prove It!

Brent Steffensen and Kacy Catanzaro recently dominated the most technically challenging obstacle race out there. How did they do it and what's their advice for you? Check it out in our latest ATLX one-on-one. Read More »

ACL injuries: One of Athletes’ Biggest Fears

The ACL tear is one of the most dreaded injuries an athlete can face, and it can happen to anyone. Read More »

Brazilian Dance Workout Rebolaxe Getting Hot

Omar Gonzalez is the man behind Rebolaxe, a Brazilian dance workout that could become the new fitness craze. Read More »

Origins: History of Triathlons

It's hard to believe that Triathlons are only around 40 years old in the United States. Read more to find out the history of triathlons and one of the craziest Ironman attempts to date. Read More »

Everyday Athlete Spotlight: How one weekend warrior stays motivated

Alex Hollanshead epitomizes the weekend warrior. After running his first marathon because of a bet, he has since completed 11 more, has taken up cycling and is training for his first Ironman. A product engineer in Houston, TX, see what motivates him to be an everyday athlete. Read More »

Finding Ultra: From Wasted to Warrior

Rich Roll finished five Ironman challenges on five different islands of Hawaii in one week. Two years before that, he dominated the Ultraman. And 10 years before that, he was totaled, tanked and in trouble. Read More »

New York Times: New Ligament Discovered

In its wellness blog, the New York Times is reporting that researchers in Belgium have discovered a new knee ligament, the Anterior Lateral Ligament, which could have major injury diagnosis and rehabilitation implications. Read More »

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