Can’t Get Your Head in the Game? Try Melon

By: Morgan Urtso

Focus… focus… focussss…


Sometimes it’s easier said than done. More often than not, our minds race all over the place at hundreds of miles per hour. Unfortunately, even Ikea doesn’t sell an organizational shelving unit for the human brain. With hectic lives, busy schedules and to-do lists standing taller than we do, staying on our game is a full-time commitment.

As athletes, staying on top of our game means — literally — staying on top of our game. Maintaining focus is a crucial factor in that athletic improvement and success. But getting the mind to obey itself is often a challenging task to master.

However, drumroll please, the innovative minds over at Melon have something up their sleeve to facilitate the process. While it may not make a striking fashion statement, the Melon Headband is quite cutting-edge. At least, that’s the implication.

Here’s the DL:


Melon, an electroencephalography (EEG) headband, works as a data collector, measuring your brainwaves during day-to-day activity and pairing with an app to present its findings. Lightweight and designed for a variety of in-the-zone pursuits from working to playing sports to painting or practicing yoga, Melon provides focus feedback and improvement tips as they relate to your environment and influential variables, like the presence of music.

Essentially, it teaches you mind control. Ok, maybe not mind control, mind control. It won’t turn you into an X-Men. But it does provide you with the tools necessary to map your easiest-accessible route to ‘the zone’ – no traffic, no construction, no detour.

For athletes, the focus on — well, focus — is widespread across the sports spectrum. The best of the best are able to get in the zone and stay there. The challenge presents itself in consistently exercising and maintaining that ability. It takes a certain self-awareness — the  knowledge of what works for you, as an athlete.

So, what gets you in the zone?

melon musicMelon helps you answer that question. With comprehensive assessments of your focus level based on your surroundings, Melon tells you when and where – and around who and what – your mind is right. That way, you can determine the how, and use it to your advantage.

Mindful of the potential benefits for athletes especially, Melon developers built the headband to work during physical activity. “We created the Melon headband to be the most portable and functional EEG device on the market,” they said via Kickstarter. “… it is designed to allow for use in active settings. The headband is made of a molded rubber exterior that is lined with a breathable, athletic neoprene meant to be soft on your forehead and to allow for athletic use.”

The creators aren’t alone in their product confidence. The Kickstarter campaign for Melon came to a close this week, racking up over 2500 backers who pledged almost triple the original goal of $100,000 ($290,941 to be exact) to jumpstart mass production of the headband.

Wondering if the (melon) juice is worth the squeeze? Come November, the early-bird Kickstarter investors will be among the first public consumers to test out the unique device. Find them, and ask about it…

… they’ll be the ones sinking 100% of their free throws in your rec league.

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