DO WORK! With Coach Dos: Round 1

“DO WORK! With Coach Dos” brings you the most recent Q&A interaction between athletes and ATLX Expert Coach Robert Dos Remedios. Here, you’ll find Dos’s expert opinion on questions that you’ve probably asked yourself as an athlete, but didn’t quite know the answer to.

What’s your opinion on cleans for baseball players?

Dos: I love cleans for all our athletes. If there’s a restriction issue we will do clean pulls, etc.

Coach what’s your opinion on the kipping pull up variations? I understand their purpose and have practiced them but I’d like to hear what you think compared to regular, dead-hang variations.

Dos: It’s apples vs. oranges. I don’t consider a kipping pullup a vertical pull like a regular chin/pullup. This is why they are so much easier to do. I really don’t think about them too much, but if you have healthy shoulders I don’t see them as being all that bad UNLESS you perform them like some of the videos. Look at my version in this video… pretty different than the Crossfit ones we often see.

How should I implement pool workouts for girl sprinters?

Dos: Pool workouts are great for de-loading workouts or semi-recovery days. Leg swings, hip add/abductions, hamstring speed curls, etc. are all great in water.

What are the 2 best tricep exercises? And is cardio most effective before or after weight training?

Dos: Pushups and push presses (we don’t do any single joint exercises). The cardio depends on your goals… I personally like doing cardio first when I train cardio/weights in same session.

Do you schedule heavy strength days into your athletes’ programs, or incorporate some heavy movements into each workout?

Dos: We use an alternating linear scheme, so every 2-3 weeks we will move from a hypertrophy to a strength/power based cycle. YES… we lift very heavy with our athletes.

What movements or combination of movements do you think would benefit firefighters the most?

Dos: Kettle bell swings, Turkish get-up’s, sandbag rotational lunges, TRX partner rows are just a few that are AWESOME. Check this out!

My goal is a good relation between running and strength. I wonder if I should do one 45-60 minute slow and steady run additionally to train the aerobic system, or is it trained enough through high-intensity training?

Dos: If your goal is to improve your running performance, you NEED to run. The metabolic weights can help but running will be a huge factor in your improvement.

Best protocol to weight loss?

Dos: Dial in the diet. Then Core Strength Training (CST) protocol, being sure to include density sessions.

Pullups. What progressions do you use to get that first strict pullup for a woman?

Dos: Assisted pullups obviously, but also lots of holds at the top and SLOW eccentric sets (start at the top, hold for 1-2 sec. then lower in about 3 sec) until you can no longer lower at this pace.

Best cardio plan for football?

Dos: We alternate through different protocols: short, high-intensity sprints/agilities with bigger rest:work ratios, moderate-intensity sprits/gassers, etc. with smaller rest:work ratios, we will also throw in some lactic acid style training with inadequate rest periods.

If you had to pick one, what is your favorite complex?

Dos: My kettle bell complex of squats, Romanian dead lifts’s, swings and finishing with divebomber pushups is great.


Check back next week for the next installment of DO WORK! With Coach Dos.

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