Why Do You Race?

By: Morgan Urtso

runnerFor many, running and racing isn’t just a hobby, it’s not just a healthy habit, it’s something more than that. People run for a number of reasons, a number of motivations, a number of causes. Sure, people race for themselves, but they also race for others. I Race For Cause (IR4C) is a community based on that concept.

The premise is simple, and because racing for a cause is grounded in fundraising, IR4C is a destination – essentially a third party – for racers and sponsors to come together in support of noble causes. It’s an online community to unite runners and funders under their specific cause or charity umbrella. Runners designate what they’re racing for, and IR4C matches up donors from corporate America who support that cause.

Built on a strong foundation of the driving force of motivation behind the everyday athlete, IR4C says it’s about empowerment. “Empowering the everyday athlete with the tools to make a difference and change the world.” While elite athletes gain endorsements and support from major sponsors, IR4C is giving the everyday athlete a stake in that contribution, too. Why should the pros be the only ones credited with corporate sponsorships? There are too many everyday athletes out there, working hard for what they believe in. IR4C is not only acknowledging that, but bringing it to the forefront and giving everyday athletes a voice.

IR4C explains the online fundraising platform like this:

“For those of you who have taken on the daunting task of raising money for a cause, you know how tough it is to get everybody in before the deadline. At IR4C you are no longer up against any deadline and not tied to one event or even one specific charity. Your Billboard is yours to use and run campaigns whenever and however you want. Running in the local 5K and want to raise money for cancer? No problem. Entering an ultra-cycling event or adventure race? No problem. You determine when you fundraise, what you fundraise for, and when you cash out. And unlike other platforms, we never take a cut of your donations. IR4C is about you, and about your philanthropy.”

ir4clogoIt’s that simple. The online community is paving the way for everyday athletes to tie a cause to their passion. Then, their passions are supported financially through the sponsorships IR4C has, and continues to garner. It’s easy to sign up, create a profile, log your training and racing goals, and start raising money for the cause you stand for.

“The voice in your head that says you can’t do this is a liar,” IR4C says. And they’re proving it day by day. With a constant influx of new members, the community is growing rapidly, blowing up with everyday athletes and sponsors alike. Like any social media website, members of the community are encouraged to share their stories within the IR4C world.

IR4C begs the question, “what better reason to race than for something bigger than yourself?” With a community of like-minded everyday athletes to support each other and a sure-fire way to build donations for the cause or charity they believe in, IR4C is revolutionizing the way athletes fundraise their efforts. Now, they have more time to train, increase their endurance, and the funds skyrocket as a result. Win-win… win!

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