10 signs that you speak the athlete language

shutterstock_49864636By: Sheri Matthews

Athletes just have a way about them, a walk, and especially a talk, that you can spot from a mile away. If these 10 things are part of your everyday vocabulary, you’re most definitely an athlete.

1.  You use the words only and just as in, “just” a six-mile run this morning, or I “only” made it to CrossFit four times this week. Of course there’s the ever classic, it was “just” a half-marathon.

2.  Workouts are never a matter of want but rather a matter of need, as in, “I hate to eat and run, but I “need” to swim early in the morning.” Your athlete friends completely agree, oh yes you better get going.

3.  CARB

It’s either a four-letter word or your best friend, depending on the day and season.

Carbs are a touchy subject; sometimes you avoid them at all costs and other times you literally load up on them. To you, these food swings are perfectly normal. Yes, I am going to eat this whole bowl of Pasta. I’m carb-loading. You expect your friends and family to understand this.

4.  BAR

Reading that, the first thing that came to your mind was Powerbar or Clif bar or RISE or protein bar – rather than that place that closes at 2 a.m. and leaves you with a miserable headache the next day.

shutterstock_1003408165.  ART

To most this refers to painting, photographs, etc… To you, it just dawned you to make an appointment with your sports chiropractor or bodywork specialist for ART, as in Active Release Technique. Chances are you know the ART guy’s number by heart, and you’re probably on a first-name basis with your chiropractor and masseuse, too.

6.  REST

This four-letter “r” word does not refer to how much sleep you got last night.  It refers to a day in which you painfully neglect to train, work out, or even sweat. In fact, while getting in bed, we are pretty sure you calculate the number of hours of sleep you are about to get; “6, 7, oh good, 8,” and any wake up after 6 a.m. constitutes sleeping in.

7.  DRY

Dry does not refer to the lack of rain we received this year, or the fact the lake is low, or your skin. It means you’re passing on the beer or wine until after ________ (enter athletic event). “I’m dry until Ironman Tahoe.” Or  “I’m dry until after Sunday’s century ride.” This is a completely normal statement at a table of athletes, though your old college buddies may disown you.

8.  Shoes

You don’t need to clarify a type.  It means running shoes. Obviously.  Should you be attending an occasion in which another type of shoe is more appropriate, then you can specify — “dress shoes, flats, loafers, heels or boat shoes” for example.

shutterstock_858612949.  Tan lines

You give up, even with sunscreen. They’re like badges of honor. You would rather train and have them than miss some primetime training in the summer months.  Tri wet suits are never going to be fashion statements.

10.  YOGA

Another necessary four-letter athlete word. Pretty sure you’re posted up in the back of the room in awe of the woman who can stand on one elbow, making it looking effortless.  The hardest pose for you to do: shavasana. The pose where you lay still. Good luck with that one.

We understand. 

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